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The Alcatel One touch Fierce is cheap, has nice decision quality, and clocks in with respectable HSPA+ speeds.The bad: The handset's internal speeds square measure sluggish. additionally, its camera incorporates a unintuitive UI and takes poor photos.The bottom line: although you are on a decent budget, you ought to skip Alcatel's One touch Fierce in favor of a much better paid phone.Despite its name, the Alcatel One touch Fierce is something however "ferocious."and  5-megapixel camera takes photos poor, and its quad-core processor lags behind rival phones.And yes, whereas the Alcatel One touch Fierce  competitive $139.99 paid worth and solid decision quality square measure redeeming factors, it is best simply to save lots of up some a lot of dough for a quicker, smoother, and a lot of reliable paid smartphone just like the LG Optimus F3 or Samsung Galaxy ending 4G LTE.DesignThe Alcatel One touch Fierce comes in 2 colours, slate and silver, with the latter that includes a pleasant brushed-metal look that adds a novel accent. however bymatter from the well-bred battery passage, the decision perceive bargain: empty, moldable, and toylike. At 4.6 ounces, it is alsoflaunt.The telephone measures five.13 inches tall, 2.64 inches wide, and 0.35 in. thick. Up prime square measure a three.5mm earphone jack and a sleep/power button. On the correct edge lives a volume rocker and at the terribly bottom may be a Micro-USB port for charging.The back homes a 5-megapixel camera with AN semiconductor diode flash that sits right below the lens. At the lowest may be a tiny grille for the speaker. employing a tiny indentation on the lowest left corner, you'll be able to pry off the battery door.Underneath, you willsee a microSD basket slam (it accepted cage of capacities up to 32GB), and a sematic price. The tag apprise users that the one,800mAh battery within is nonremovable. this {can be} fantastical fixed the positive act that you solely can ship the call's back; one would trust the battery to be removable. The label additionally reads that the phone does not support "hot swapping" of the microSD and SIM cards. this suggests you cannot switch these cards out whereas the Fierce is turned on. Instead, you need to power off the device beforehand.The 4.5-inch qHD show incorporates a 960x540-pixel resolution. sadly, the screen is not sharp. App icons had blurred edges, photos looked stippled, and even default wallpaper looked sandy and showed notable color stripe. as compared, the LG Optimus F6 has an equivalent resolution, however its show is much crisper. it is also a lot of sensitive, not like this handset's show, that wasn't terribly responsive or correct. typically times, I felt I had to faucet slightly more durable to pick out the things I wished, and writing was troublesome since the screen would incorrectly register the incorrect letters.Moreover, the show incorporates a slender viewing angle, and unless control dead straight at eye level, some components of the screen would look momentarily blacked out. Viewing it in direct daylight additionally worsened this impact.Above the show may be a VGA camera, and below square measure 3 hotkeys (for back, home, and up to date apps) that remove darkness from white in use. Long press the house key to launch Google currently, and long press the recent apps key to remark further setting choices.Software optionsFor the foremost half, the phone's computer programme stays faithful a skinless version of golem -- the dialer, lock screen, and app drawer are left just about untouched. However, the Alcatel One touch Fierce  additionally options some colourful icons that may be thought of "playful" at the best, although honestly, they appear dated and infantile.It runs golem four.2.2 jelly egg and of course, it comes along with your commonplace package of Google apps: Chrome, Search, Plus, Maps with Navigation and native, Messenger, apps for the Play store's Books, Magazines, Movies and television, and Music portals, Talk, and YouTube.Basic task managing apps embody a calculator, a calendar, a native e-mail consumer, a notepad, a sound recorder, a clock with alarm functions, a voice dialer, voice search, and a kerfuffle list. At an equivalent time, you will get some less common (but still useful) apps like a torch, AN FM radio, a show editor, Facebook, Twitter, AN app to assist you got wind of wireless devices via a Bluetooth association, and Lookout Security, that backs up information and scans apps and files for malware.Additional options embody regarding 4GB of internal storage (though this finally ends up being a lot of like a pair of.4GB that is obtainable to the user), 1GB of RAM, and Bluetooth four.0.Camera and videoThe camera operates quite slowly, on the other hand its shot-to-shot speed refreshing rather fleetly. It takes nearly three seconds (an average of two.94, if you wish to be exact) to launch, and you may have to be compelled to wait a beat for it to decision up bound menu things and activate settings. It even takes many moments longer than i am wont to, to change from landscape to portrait mode.Another issue is that the camera's confusing UI. once launched, a row of 9 icons seem on one facet of the finder.a enumerate of these icons describe one dilute open (resembling HDR and far darting modes). distinct icons have atiny hill rationale fruit up once you cock on them. as an illustrate, tap the smiley presence paragon and therefore the saw, "Auto bag once sneer is detected" seems.As for exposure quality, the device's 5-megapixel camera was mediocre. colours looked muted and ran on the cold facet, objects looked indistinct (especially round the edges), and even with amply lit settings, you'll be able to see a notable quantity of digital noise. additionally, as a result of the camera incorporates a mounted focus, obtaining sharp, crisp pictures of objects up shut was nearly not possible.Both the 5-megapixel camera and therefore the front-facing camera has 4x digital zoom, a "face beauty" shooting mode that allows you to regulate your smoothness, skin color, and sharpness in an exceedingly exposure, and geotagging. The cameras even have face detection and a timer.However, the 5-megapixel camera has AN semiconductor diode flash, the same 9 shooting modes (like I aforesaid, some square measure notable, some square measure unknown), AN photometer with a spread of -3 to +3, seven color effects, fourteen scene modes, eight white balances, and 4 antiflicker choices. you'll be able to additionally regulate the sharpness, hue, saturation, brightness, and distinction of an image, choose between seven exposure sizes (from QVGA to five megapixels), and therefore the camera has six ISO choices. Meanwhile, the VGA camera's photometer solely ranges from -1 to +1, and it solely has 5 color effects, 2 scene modes, six white balances, 3 antiflicker choices, and 2 exposure sizes (QVGA and VGA).