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Micromax phones 

Micromax mobile

 Micromax Mobiles give you ideal chance to pick out a telephone from big selection of handsets. This company isn't thus recent like Nokia and Samsung, however has attained a decent name among the mobile producing market. it's simply over excellent. it's largest Indian domestic mobile handsets at the top of 2010. totally different handsets have broken all the sell records in Asian nation. Micromax phones area unit among the quickest growing complete within the Indian market. the most recent micromax phones have given innovation a brand new that means. The A-60 is that the latest golem phone having options like full bit screen, 3.2mp camera, voice power-assisted gps navigation, wi-fi property associated an accelerator sensing element. The Modu T is that the world's lightest 3G phone with a reputation within the guinness book of records. It has a 2.2" bit screen, 5MP camera associated an expandable memory of 32GB.Phones bestowed by Micromax mobile area unit known as best elegant and sensible phones in Asian nation. they need prestigious and promise higher sound quality. Moreover, owner will use -built motion sensing element, camera and wireless FM antenna.
Introduction to Micromax Phone Series:

Affordable QWERTY Mobiles:

Micromax was one among the primary mobile firms to possess offered mobiles with a 'qwerty' input device (modern-day keyboard layout) at cheap costs. continued its tradition, Micromax? vary of QWERTY mobiles provide a massive array of innovative options and advanced technologies all at pocket friendly prices!

Marathon Battery Devices:

Marathon Battery portable assortment, users will speak all they need and more!  The Marathon Battery assortment options phones with speak times of up to fifteen hours and standby times of up to thirty days!  These cheap phones additionally provide a range of different options like twin SIM, bit screen, expandable memory, music player and lots of a lot of. 

Swivel Phone Micromax Bling 

Micromax? Bling phone launched in 2010 to handle the wants of associate unnoticed market: ladies. that includes Swarovski crystal decorated navigation keys, a swivel style, a compact vainness mirror, a sleek pearl end together with advanced technology, Bling has been a good success among women!


For vice enthusiasts across all ages, Micromax launched G4, a phone that includes Motion sensing element Controls permitting users to simply connect with PCs and laptops to play games!   The G4 could be a sleek vice console wherever users will get pleasure from 3d vice expertise during a style of games as well as court game, lawn tennis and bowling.  The G4 additionally options a a pair of MP camera which might even be used as an internet cam.

The accessibility of duel sim handsets is obtaining large quality. Now, you'll effortlessly use service from 2 totally different network service suppliers. one by one from twin purposeful accessibility, these handsets also are accessible with outstanding and lots of different options. they're outfitted with latest technology and promise nice long battery life. Few handsets go along with QWERTY input device and proposing competition to different QWERTY input device equipped mobile phones.
Enjoying the position of 1 of most accepted Indian portable Brands, Micromax promise pioneering style of twin SIM & bit primarily based Phones. The X550 Cube, golem primarily based A60, Q7 QWERTY & Modu, lead by choice & large multimedia system options. Micromax X332, Micromax Q7 and Micromax Q55 Bling new area unit most merchandising product at the present. get best and latest Micromax mobiles at lowest and cheap tag.
Dual SIM Access victimisation Gravity sensing element

Do you have twin SIM needs? With the exotic vary from Micromax, you'll get exclusive dual- SIM and bit screen phones that simply suit your budget. Micromax X600 has Gravity sensing element that allows SIM change by an easy rotation of your phone! 


The Micromax 'touch' vary handsets are developed to draw in customers with its vogue and options. This vary contains of bit screen with a resistive input device, net browsing applications and superior camera quality all at a pocket friendly price!


Micromax? Windows mobile offers a Window software package 'W900'. This cheap, sensible bit screen phone operates on a windows half-dozen.5v OS had GPS navigation, wireless net affiliation and Microsoft workplace.

Social Networking

Taking into consideration the addiction of youth nowadays towards social networking, a large vary of Micromax mobiles provide applications like Facebook, Twitter, Zenga mail and Snaptu.

 Models offered by Micromax area unit economical phones and are available with wonderful options like associate junction rectifier torch, FM radio and color screen. Micromax has introduced various of mobile phones in Indian mobile market. nice vogue, wealthy options and realistic worth describe the Micromax mobile. Micromax has mere the smile on several faces by giving the all luxurious phone options in terribly cheap vary. Now, socio-economic class those who willnot afford luxurious featured phones currently can simply fulfill the mobile dreams while not striking their pocket.
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