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Acer was the primary of its pc counterparts on the scene with AN mechanical man Honeycomb tablet, and it's initial once more to follow up, with a 7-inch various. The A100 is smaller and lighter than the A500, however is it sufficiently little and lightweight enough to form for a real various to a 10-inch tab?


Acer's 7-inch Iconia A100 stays faithful the look profile we have a tendency to saw earlier within the year after we reviewed the 10-inch A500 mechanical man tablet from Acer; the oblongness of this slate is shifting by subtly tapered corners and rounded edges on its longer sides. Acer includes AN external home button on the face of the A100, despite the Honeycomb OS being designed to be buttonless, however we have a tendency to quite like this.

On the shorter, flat edges of the Acer Iconia A100 , you will find an outsized array of inputs. there is the quality micro-USB port for knowledge transfers and electro-acoustic transducer socket, however you will conjointly realize a proprietary charging port, an outsized dock affiliation ANd a micro-HDMI port for connecting the pill to an external show. there is conjointly a plastic flap with house for a microSD card to a lower place, and house within the style for a telephone service SIM card, albeit ours could be a Wi-Fi-only model.

At 470 grams, the Acer Iconia A100 is heftier than most different tablets during this size, with Samsung's 7-inch efforts sitting round the mark of 380 grams. this can be a substantial distinction once the most important trade off for the smaller screen size is meant to be improved movableness.

We also are frustrated with the standard of the {lcd|liquid crystal show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display employed in the Acer Iconia A100. whereas its 600x1024-pixel resolution is adequate for this screen size, the off-axis viewing for this show is appalling, particularly the vertical axis once holding the tablet in a very landscape orientation. we have a tendency to suspect that Acer has designed the A100 to be command in portrait mode, sort of a massive paperback, however this is not the manner we have a tendency to most popular to carry it, and our expertise suffered as we have a tendency to lost clear visibility of the screen whenever we have a tendency to command the tablet at the incorrect angle.


As with the A500, Acer improves on the stock mechanical man Honeycomb user expertise in barely a couple of noticeable ways that. There square measure variety of application hubs extra to the default mechanical man apps list, for instance. These embrace Reading, Games, Social and multimedia system, and that they provide users an area to manually compile lists of apps supported operate. whereas it'd be nice if these apps were sensible enough to machine populate once you transfer new apps via the Market, it's a handy addition yet. Acer conjointly includes a third-party media player, referred to as Nemo Player, though it's tough to establish what this app offers over merely victimization the default music and video apps in Honeycomb.

Acer packs a 5-megapixel camera with AN junction rectifier flash into the Acer Iconia A100. This camera offers machine focus, and therefore the overall size of the Acer Iconia A100  implies that you do not feel fully ridiculous holding it up to require a photograph (only part ridiculous). Sadly, the photos it takes don't match the specifications, with this shoddy image sensing element laundry the color out of our take a look at photos, and reminding US of however dangerous camera phone photos accustomed be.


The Acer Iconia A100 is steam-powered with identical Nvidia Tegra a pair of dual-core chipset behind most of this year's Honeycomb tablets, and it does not let it down. The Acer Iconia A100 offers a swish user expertise, with some really spectacular web-browsing performance (when connected to an honest network) and a good 3D diversion expertise.

In fact, any performance-related problems that we've encounter appear to be faults of the package, and not of the machine itself. The Market will be sluggish, for instance, with requests temporal arrangement out and downloads requiring a reminder before they start to receive knowledge. These square measure gentle frustrations, however they are doing tarnish the impression of a seamless user expertise.


While we're glad to check a 7-inch various within the mechanical man Honeycomb landscape, we are able to solely would like that the Acer Iconia A100  was higher. though it gave US solid performance and sports an honest vary of property, the screen could be a shocker, and its size and weight square measure additional substantial than we'd like. These square measure hefty trade offs for AN mechanical man tablet that basically does not supply something further on high of the stock mechanical man expertise.

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