Alcatel One Touch Idol X review

Alcatel One Touch Idol X price

Alcatel One Touch Idol X

The Alcatel One touch Idol X appearance superb price for cash, however really will it hold its ground in comparison next} to its rivals? can it party with the celebrities or is it additional doubtless to represent the pile of devices that fail to hit the mark? We've put the Idol X through its paces to seek out out.
The Alcatel One touch Idol X manages to pack lots of options into a slender body. In terms of screen size it's akin to the Samsung Galaxy S4, is slightly larger than the HTC One, however smaller than the LG G2.
The Idol X conjointly includes a powerful thirteen.1MP camera, and you ought to be ready to acquire the One touch Idol X for underneath £300 (around $350, AU$280), that makes it cheaper than its direct rivals at Samsung, nokia , LG and HTC.
For your cash the Alcatel One touch Idol X comes with: mechanical man four.2 - sadly not stock as there's a small of  tweak from Alcatel, a 5-inch with  full HD screen with a 1080 x 1920 resolution, 13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and a one.5GHz quad-core processor with 2BG RAM.
Measuring in at a svelte a hundred and forty.4 x 67.5 x 6.9mm, the Idol X is that the best 5-inch screen device to carry with one hand presently on the market, and at 120g it's one among the lightest too.
There is no small American state card slot on the dual-SIM version of the Alcatel One touch Idol X, therefore you are restricted to the 16GB of internal storage, and in spite of everything the very important hardware is put in on the device; out of the box you may solely be ready to access twelve.7GB.
If you manage to seek out the single-SIM variant then you are doing get a microSD slot, however you'll need to create do with simply 8GB of internal storage, of whereas simply five.5GB is really accessible.
Alcatel One touch Idol X review
Although for a few users this may be enough house, the bulk of perspective customers might notice this quantity of storage too little, and in our opinion this is often a giant deal as there don't seem to be the other storage size choices for the French telephone.
The Alcatel One touch Idol X is very skinny and lightweight, and boasts a zero edge feature that isn't quite zero as quoted however it's still rather slender.
Alcatel One touch Idol X review
The Idol X incorporates a metal frame, that extends to make the band round the device. The band incorporates a brushed metal look and runs as one piece round the edge with the exception of the SIM card slots, volume controls, sleep wake button, electro-acoustic transducer port and microUSB association.
The electro-acoustic transducer socket is found on the highest left of the device and also the Sleep/Wake/Power button is on the highest right and might be quite fiddly to succeed in while holding the device with one hand.
Alcatel One touch Idol X review
The back cowl is created from plastic and incorporates a sleek end, that we have a tendency to found may well be quite slippery if you once more hold the device with one hand.
It's price noting that the rear cowl isn't removable, that we have a tendency to believe is however Alcatel managed to create the Idol X therefore skinny. though we have a tendency to felt Alcatel had incomprehensible  a trick with the rear plastic cowl as it is the solely external feature that makes the device feel less premium and sadly additional low cost and tacky.
Alcatel One touch Idol X review
We would have likable the rear cowl to be made of a additional rough  or rubberized material that the device has additional grip, then beyond any doubt the sensation that it's simple to drop would disappear.
On the and facet, if you fancy 'personalizing' your device and luxuriate in bright colours you'll acquire the Idol X in a very style of hues including; black, red, yellow, blue, inexperienced and pink. This appears to be a trend that is happening with major manufactures at the instant, with even Apple following in Nokia's footsteps of providing devices in a very style of totally different colours.
Alcatel One touch Idol X review
The battery within the One touch Idol X could be a 2000mAh providing and guarantees up to 340 hours on standby and up to seven hours speak time while connected via 3G. the shortage of 4G makes the battery specification look alright on paper, however while not superfast knowledge speeds the Idol X has one huge mark against it in comparison to its rivals.
There's a row of buttons comprising of back, home and menu to a lower place the touch screen and these illuminate once the screen is awake.
Alcatel One touch Idol X review
We found that SIM cards were terribly troublesome to inset into their slots, as you've got to push them in very deep so as for them to interact the lock and keep within the device.
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