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Alcatel One Touch Pop C9
Alcatel One Touch Pop C9

The Alcatel One touch POP C9 fits into the phablet class attributable to its massive five.5-inch IPS qHD show. Despite it being qHD, as you'll be able to see, it is a clear screen that will the work of displaying everything on an oversized scale very well. Designed for folks that need a phone, however are not very fussed regarding all the most recent specs, this sits at the highest of the company's Pop line-up however, for those that apprehend Alcatel, below its Idol and Hero ranges. 
The model we tend to had a stroke of was an attention grabbing electrical blue however Alcatel says it'll even be out there within the large choice of colors POP is all regarding together with blue black, cherry red, full white, hot pink or contemporary turquoise.

It's supercharged by a quad-core one.3GHz processor and packs and 8-megapixel camera with flash within the rear with a 2-megapixel snapper within the front. It's juiced by a hefty 2500mAh battery that ought to be able to handle the work of keeping that giant screen alive. 

In the flesh and therefore the specs represent themselves. this is often an honest, straightforward to use phone with half-decent specs, however nothing that may blow you away. because the company itself notes this is often for folks that need a huge phone that is bright and vibrant at a worth instead of on a budget. suppose somebody World Health Organization values a pleasant try of shoes or a jacket the maximum amount as a shiny new phone and you get the thought.

That said, it isn't borked or broken. in a {very} fast mess around the very Apple-looking Alcatel golem interface the phone works well, loading up apps once requested and spinning through the menus with ease. the corporate has opted to travel the Apple 5C route with bright casings and a bright OS and it works - notwithstanding within the back of our mind we won't facilitate feel that it helps Apple elevate the 5C into one thing slightly over it's. 

As pictured there'll be a twin SIM version, though whether or not that may be returning to the united kingdom remains to be confirmed. Alcatel has told U.S. that it'll be hooked in to territory instead of a typical international feature. 

Basic, however amazingly obscurity close to as unhealthy as we tend to were expecting. Alcatel One touch POP C9 is due within the Great Britain within the returning weeks. No networks are confirmed nevertheless. 
Smartphone maker Alcatel is diving into the trend of extralarge smartphones with its Alcatel One touch POP C9 , a 5.5-inch golem four.2 telephone set it introduced at CES.

Design-wise, Alcatel One touch POP C9 is fairly slim with rounded corners, and with a form harking back to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Seen along, the vary of made colours fully gleams: blue Black, Cherry Red, Hot Pink, contemporary Turquoise, and Full White.

The phones area unit cheerful, however build quality wasn't a priority for the budget-seeker's telephone set. At 6.7 ounces, the C9 sounds heavier than it felt in my hand, although it definitely is not as light-weight as some its size.
Interestingly, the dark-blue and red models area unit enrobed with color (and a soft-touch matte finish) from head to toe, whereas the remainder parade their shiny pigment on the rear solely, a distinction to the brilliant white fronts.

The phone's feature set has lots of high points, however some dips still. You get a one.3GHz quad-core chipset for one, AN 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capture and playback, and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera still.

On the opposite hand, the 5.5-inch liquid crystal display screen solely features a qHD resolution of 960x540 picture elements for a pixel density of two hundred pixels per in.. that is terribly low compared with the Samsung Galaxy Note three, say, that features a 386ppi on its five.7-inch 1080p HD screen. The result? Less sharply outlined pictures and text, and no support for HD video clips -- briefly, the terribly things you'd hunt down on a large-screen device.
In addition, there is little internal storage: simply 4GB, although the 32GB memory slot makes it feel roomier. there is 1GB of RAM.

The quad-band GSM telephone set supports HSPA+ speeds, but no LTE, which suggests you mustn't search for Alcatel One touch POP C9 to crop up on top-tier U.S. carriers. Despite A battery that ought to be massive enough at two,500mAh, Alcatel is news speak times of solely eight hours over 2G and four hours over 3G.

All of this adds up to a telephone set that is gunning for a challenger just like the (much larger) half-dozen.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega, however which is able to sell for around 0.5 its unbolted retail worth, nearer to $200 than to $400. Alcatel One touch POP C9  involves components of Asia and Brazil in Q1.
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