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Huawei Ascend Y511
Huawei Ascend Y511

The Huawei Ascend Y511 comes in white and black colors solely. we've received the black color telephone that includes a gray color back panel. The rear panel is shiny and sparkles below light-weight that undoubtedly offers the device a "not-so-cheap" look. it's not slippery and being a 4-inch device nicely fits into the palm. A metal thread additionally surrounds the phone's facet panels, giving a fashionable look whereas protective its internals.
Huawei Ascend Y511
The power and volume rocker is placed facet by facet within the mitt facet with enough house in between. The 3.5 millimetre jack and therefore the small USB port square measure at the highest.
Huawei Ascend Y511
Build wise, the Huawei Ascend Y511 undoubtedly appearance good for a Rs eight,000 device.
The Huawei Ascend Y511 includes a four.5 in. IPS-LCD show. This touchscreen has 480x854 pels resolution that interprets to good 218 ppi pixel density. tho' it doesn't have HD or maybe qHD resolution, that changing into common to low value robot devices, we have a tendency to don't have abundant grudge against the phone. we have a tendency to also are happy with its touchscreen response.
Huawei Ascend Y511
However, brightness levels of the show of Ascend Y511 isn't up to the mark. I had to stay the brightness at most to work the phone even inside. additionally the viewing angle of the show isn't that wide that produces it quite troublesome to ascertain something whereas taking part in sport games which needs you to twist the phone into odd angles.
The Huawei Ascend Y511 includes a 1730 mAh Li-Ion battery. Most of its competitors comes with abundant smaller battery, around 1300 mAh. As obvious, it did offer North American nation superb battery copy. The phone managed to remain for twenty-four hours quite well with concerning one hour of recreation associated 0.5 an hour of net browsing and a number of minutes of career. notwithstanding you're a significant user it may simply keep alive for twelve hours.
Huawei Ascend Y511
For instance, we have a tendency to unbroken its show at most brightness and switched on wireless local area network. at that time we have a tendency to vie games ceaselessly for forty five minutes throughout that it lost simply eight per cent charge. In another instance, we have a tendency to watched videos on YouTube exploitation wireless local area network property, keeping brightness at most. during this case, in twenty five minutes the phone lost ten per cent charge.
The Huawei Ascend Y511 comes with a three megapixel rear camera and a zero.3 megapixel front camera. Currently, most devices priced around Rs eight,000 has atleast a five megapixel rear camera; some even sport associate eight megapixel unit. therefore it absolutely was undoubtedly stunning for North American nation likewise to ascertain a three megapixel unit. Besides, the phone doesn't have associate LED flash. however there square measure several devices that captures stunning pictures despite having low resolution and lots of others square measure fantastic once it involves low light-weight photography even within the absence of associate LED flash.
Huawei Ascend Y511
However, Huawei Ascend Y511 did what was obvious. In bright daylight and well-lit conditions, the three megapixel rear camera is kind of good however it's simply useless in dim light-weight. In one instance, i attempted capturing an image inside, simply beneath a tube light-weight, however the images were simply black with few visible parts in it.
Processing capability 
The Huawei Ascend Y511 has the Dual-core MTK MT6572 processor with one.3 Gc speed. it's being aided by 512 MB RAM, French Sudan four hundred GPU, and robot four.2.2 software system. tho' it's mediocre, we have a tendency to ne'er two-faced any lag or hangs during this telephone. It well vie games like Stick Cricket, Subway natator, Danger Dash, main road Rally etc. tho' don't expect it to run fashionable Combat four however ofcourse even low value quad core processor phones square measure at pains to run such high finish games.
Huawei Ascend Y511
The phone's performance is kind of palpable from its benchmark scores likewise. On Antutu, it's got ten,888 (we ran the benchmark double and therefore the different time it gave North American nation ten,858 score).
Other options 
The Huawei Ascend Y511 has twin SIM slots. it's got wireless local area network with hotspot capability and Bluetooth four.0 likewise for property. Besides, there's small USB two.0 port within the phone likewise for transferring files to and from a private pc. A notable options of this telephone is that it comes with USB web feature exploitation that you'll be able to share a PC's web with this phone. it's GPS likewise.
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The telephone has solely four GB ROM of that just one.27 is avaialble as internal storage whereas one.24 GB is accessible as phone storage. there's a thirty two GB small Coyote State card make time for the phone too. you must not be repining concerning this as most of its competitors too go along with identical storage possibility.
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