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Oppo N1 CyanogenMod is not a phone you'd expect to examine sold in markets just like the u.  s.. It's eccentric and, frankly, reasonably weird. A rear touchpad panel? A swiveling camera? A five.9" display? Official CyanogenMod support from the factory? it's "niche" written everywhere it (not virtually, however that will be reasonably funny, I suppose). As such, the Oppo N1 charm in western markets is probably going to be restricted to the enthusiast audience, AN audience robot Police has long pleased.
Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  is, indeed, the primary smartphone ever to be sold  with CyanogenMod pre-installed as AN possibility. The CyanogenMod edition of the Oppo N1 went on sale Christmas Eve, and whereas it's no completely different from its abraded counterpart, marks a large milestone within the custom memory heroic tale, a veritable "first" within the trade.
For that, I provide vast credit to gas opposition. - what they've accomplished is licitly spectacular. They've passed Google's CTS / CDD testing, and can be shipping not simply the primary phone with manufacturing plant support for a custom memory, however a custom memory authorized  for Google Apps usage, as well as the Play Store. nobody else has done this before, and for that initial, the CyanogenMod team deserves a communal pat on the rear. it is a massive deal, not only for them, except for the custom computer code community at massive. Good job, guys.
Design and build quality
Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  continues on in Oppo's avowedly still-young style tradition: long, clean lines with very little chrome or alternative visual fuss. If I had to match it a chunk of furnishings, the Oppo N1 is that the white cloth-covered couch with chrome steel legs you'd notice at Ikea. it's unapologetically trendy and minimalist. whereas it does not have the sharp edges or flashy Al of the HTC One, it conjointly does not have the flimsy-yet-familiar feel of, say, Samsung's Galaxy S4. It's somewhere right within the middle - that is maybe an honest issue. Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  could be a by all odds inoffensive object from AN aesthetic perspective, and excluding its size, the general public I've spoken to love the planning of it.
Build quality looks to borrow from the Nokia college of business style, in this the N1 feels by all odds dense and solid in your hand. just like the notice five, whereas the surface of the Oppo N1 is matte polycarbonate (plastic), the internal organ square measure supported by a steel frame, disposal weight that, whereas not sudden, is certainly a lot of noticeable than what you will get in one thing just like the Galaxy Note three or Galaxy Mega six.3. Oppo positively didn't endeavor to create the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  lightweight, because the phone weighs in at a hefty seven.5 ounces, nearly 0.5 a pound. to place that into perspective, 2 N1s weigh over a whole Kindle fireplace HDX eight.9, ANd nearly the maximum amount as an iPad Air. And despite having a show a full half-inch smaller, the N1 truly weighs simply a hair over the elephantine Xperia Z extremist.
The Oppo N1 mass won't be a priority for a few patrons, obviously, however I in person tend to appear at terribly serious phones , i am unable to recall dropping the N1 since receiving it, however I've had my share of shut calls, and momentum makes for a cruel mistress once phone meets pavement.
The quality of the polycarbonate casing on the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  looks high, although - like my previous HTC One X - it will suffer to AN extent from discoloration the longer it spends in your hand or your pocket. i think a considered application of straightforward inexperienced and somewhat cleaning may twig wanting pretty smart once more, although I clearly cannot speak to simply however the N1 can coat over a amount of 1 or 2 years as opposition the month I've had it.
The hardware buttons on the N1 square measure pretty typical, with the type of nice clicky action that I get pleasure from. the amount rocker may be to a small degree wider and longer, though, as once i am taking the phone out of my pocket and making an attempt to show on the show while not wanting, or half-looking, I typically find yourself jabbing at the amount many times before I understand the error of my ways in which.
The speaker, microUSB port, and 3.5mm phone jack square measure positioned quite cosily on very cheap of the N1, that makes for a pleasant visual presentation, although I imagine a phone with a larger-than-average connexion would possibly block the microUSB port enough such it could not be used at an equivalent time (I found this to be the case once plugging in my Grados).
The other piece of hardware that prospective Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  patrons would doubtless be interested by is that the rotating camera module. after I spoke to Oppo concerning the technology wont to enable the camera to rotate freely (a total of 270 degrees), they claimed stress testing had shown the mechanism and cables would endure up to one hundred,000 complete rotations before failing. that is nearly positively over enough, presumptuous {you square measuren't|you are not} sitting around twisting it all day whenever your hands are free (admittedly, this might be a straightforward habit to fall into).
The action on the hinge is pretty stiff, to a small degree stiffer than i'd in person like, however once you get the droop of it it's not terribly troublesome. To be doubly clear, there's no motor concerned here - the hinge is totally manual - therefore dash any hopes you've got of ultra-smooth swiveling videos, because the stiffness of the hinge introduces some inherent fitfulness once you are rotating the camera.
The only alternative physically noteworthy facet of the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  would be the touchpad on the rear. The touchpad is extremely, terribly mistily printed with some dotted lines, and atiny low bit graphic within the center of the pad, apparently to create it easier to question. It does not extremely facilitate in this respect, I found.
This was the sole method I may get the dotted lines to reveal - look closely for the border.
Oppo N1 show is superb. The notice five conjointly had a top-notch 1080p LCD, and it looks Oppo is swing a priority on the screen expertise all told its high-end phones. colours square measure well-balanced, brightness is commendable, viewing angles square measure pretty much as good as something you will see, and in fact sharpness is on par with the other 1080p show of comparable size.

Battery life
I've spent quite ton of your time with the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  victimization CyanogenMod, and also the for the foremost half battery life has been wonderful. One would hope therefore, however, as long as Oppo has managed to stuff 3610mAh price of Li ions within the Oppo N1, giving it one among the most important batteries on any smartphone presently accessible.
As such, I found I may quite dependably get two full days (48 hours plus) of moderate usage from the N1 if i used to be on Wi-Fi for a minimum of many hours on a daily basis. I doubt the N1 can leave well-nigh truth phone addicts wanting for endurance, although clearly it'll not satisfy everybody. That said, I've not used a phone with battery life like this since I tested the DROID MAXX. CyanogenMod most likely helps out here, too, of course.
Storage, wireless, and decision quality
Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  ships in one among 2 storage capacities - 16GB and 32GB. Oddly, on my review phone this can be partitioned off within the rather annoying vogue that wont to be prevailing on Samsung handsets, with AN "internal storage" partition ANd an "SD card" partition. solely the inner storage partition are often used for apps, which partition is just 3GB in size. i am unsure on what specifically goes on there.
Wireless performance on the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  has typically been solid, although i'm running a pre-release build of CM on this phone therefore i'm hesitant to administer too careful AN account of any such troubles I've had, as they will be mounted within the newly-released retail build. That said, I've had many problems with mobile information property dropping every now and then, however it has been a reasonably rare incidence. Again, this might simply be a bug within the build i am running.
Call quality on the N1 has been OK, although I've found the proximity device for the screen isn't reliable enough throughout voice calls - i am perpetually accidentally face-dialing someone in a very voice communication, and have accidentally adorned  up some of times.
Audio and speaker
Headphone audio has been usually wonderful from the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod , with no problems to report thereon front. The bottom-firing external speaker within reason loud, however still does not extremely heap up against even the one found within the Galaxy S4 for sheer volume or quality, I found. Being a bottom-firing speaker, it is also inevitable that you're going to typically muffle it with the palm of your hand or a stray finger. That said, it is a good speaker which will serve you to an adequate degree in most things.
Oppo N1 CyanogenMod  camera feels plenty like victimization the Nexus 5's (at least on this CM build) - motor vehicle focus is simply too slow, and capture times appear awkwardly long. It's reasonably a disappointment in this regard.
The quality of the photographs, though, looks entirely respectable. in a very world of smartphone cameras that actually all sit somewhere between three and five on a 10-point image quality spectrum, the Oppo N1 most likely sits pretty near the center of the high-end. it is not the most effective, however it is very off from the worst, either. I see very little purpose in rending hairs, therefore i will stick with the most important things I noticed  concerning pictures.
High-lighting was pretty simple to try to to in some circumstances, and also the Oppo N1was off from desperate to try to balance things out once it happened. This, again, sounds a lot of sort of a computer code issue, like auto-focus and capture times. the standard, once focus is true, is extremely smart. Sharpness is robust, and that i truly assume the one among the dish came out pretty good! Considering one among the N1's major merchandising points is its selfie-friendly swivel, i feel the general public are terribly happy with the self-portraiture potentialities.
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