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The ZTE's marquee device of the season, the Grand S II, has finally debuted at CES 2014. Sporting a robust flower 800 processor, a 1080p show, and a 13-megapixel camera, the Grand S II is that the highest-end smartphone the Chinese mobile company has nonetheless to supply.
Sporting an even bigger screen than its forerunner, the Grand S II includes a five.5-inch full HD, 1080p show. throughout my temporary time with it, pictures looked crystal clear, and after I watched a brief HD video, footage was sharp and bright.

When I command it in my hand, the device felt wide and alittle unwieldy thanks to its expansive screen. detain mind, however, that I do have a comparatively grip, thus those with larger paws could notice the phone easier to handle.

In addition, the phone options a fake brushed-metal battery door. whereas the planning is not a harm to its overall aesthetic, i used to be an even bigger fan of the first Grand S' stark monochrome look. Its style enclosed a matte, mistily ceramic-like construction that Lententide a additional premium air to the device.
The LTE phone ships with robot four.3, with no word nonetheless on associate degree update to four.4. it'll be overlaid with ZTE's custom interface, however, that will embody some peachy options.

For instance, there is split-screen multitasking, glove mode for the bit screen, and many motion gestures.

One distinctive security possibility permits users to unlock their phone with their voices, employing a phrase of their alternative. The Grand S II also will have improved audio options that reportedly lead to clearer calls.
Though ZTE aforementioned it's no current data concerning U.S.A. value and handiness, the first Grand S eventually did build its thanks to our shores, despite not being discharged below a carrier.

It was sold-out on-line, unsubsidized for $399.99. Being an even bigger phone and additional powerful, however, the Grand S II may even see a bump in its full retail value. If, that is, it ever makes its more than here.

If it will get discharged below a U.S.A. carrier, that may be a significant win for ZTE. Having a phone of this caliber on the market on-contract would sure enough elevate market awareness for ZTE's complete. particularly since this device plays a noticeable role within the company's determination to form a reputation for itself within the top-tier phone market.
Big phones square measure all the fad at the instant. ZTE's sequel to the Grand S, the capably named Grand S II, pushes into phablet territory due to its massive five.5-inch screen. it is not solely larger than the first 5-inch model within the series, it's additional powerful too. will it add up to a substantial step forward? we have a tendency to got our hands on one at the buyer natural philosophy Show 2014 to examine what we have a tendency to manufactured from it.

Chinese makers square measure extremely pushing forward within the robot smartphone world. within the hand the Grand S II definitely feels massive, however provided that we've been mistreatment the five.9-inch Oppo N1 as our go-to phone since the start of the year it definitely did not feel over-sized or too significant.
Each manufacturer of late conjointly appears by default to heavily re-skin stock robot, and rather like its forerunner the Grand S II isn't any alien to the current. Arrangement of the custom heal robot four.3 initially felt a trifle odd, however given a trifle use everything felt acquainted enough.

The usual trio of robot buttons perform as traditional for home, back and menu choices - however these are on the market via a second floating gismo supply. it is a bit just like the Facebook courier floating heads app, that means this gismo may be placed round the screen and dragged outward to open up the virtual fast access controls, 3 of that mirror the quality robot controls. A probably great way of constructing single-handed use easier thereon larger screen.
In addition the re-skinned interface adds in split-screen multi-tasking wherever quite one app will stay open on screen, whereas voice activation - a feature we have a tendency to weren't ready to check out - may be wont to unlock the phone.

We found the soap bar form and swish back of the phone sits well within the hand which huge screen looked specific. though larger than its forerunner it does not show a bump in resolution. however given it is a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution that is no issue, as this 401ppi screen packs in many detail.
SR via cnet.
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