Dell Latitude 3440 review

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Dell Latitude 3440 review

The dell Latitude 3440 is meant for work instead of play, with its key attribute being the Intel Haswell processor. browse our dell Latitude 3440 review to search out out additional
The dell Latitude 3440 is one in all few budget laptops to feature Intel's new Haswell processors and, despite its factory-fresh technology, the dell Latitude 3440 is one in all the foremost reasonable systems on take a look at – at £514, it falls into the most affordable 1/2 our choice. cf. cluster test: what is the best budget laptop?
The chip of selection here is that the Core i5-4200U. it is a low-power, dual-core give Hyper-Threading, clocked at one.6GHz. Its Turbo Boost prime speed of two.6GHz may be a larger discovery than Hedera helix Bridge chips will manage, and it conjointly advantages from the improved Haswell design. it is a revolution in most departments, then, and it conjointly manages to be additional economical – its 15W total power draw is 2W not up to Hedera helix Bridge equivalents. Take a glance at The eight best laptops of 2013.
Haswell does not build an enormous leap in application performance, and therefore the Dell's PCMark seven benchmark results of 2699 points is that the third-best during this cluster – it's unable to catch up to the Toshiba, that encompasses a considerably additional powerful Haswell processor, and therefore the Asus X75VC, that encompasses a full-fat Hedera helix Bridge mobile half. That said, the dell was ne'er sluggish once handling work tasks and internet browsing – the foremost common activities for laptops. See all budget portable computer reviews.
Intel's new chips conjure ground in games tho'. The HD Graphics 4400 core within the dell may be a half-way house between the HD Graphics 4600 core within quicker Haswell chips and therefore the HD Graphics 4000 chipset found in Hedera helix Bridge: a similar range of stream processors as HD Graphics 4600, and quite HD Graphics 4000, however clocked at a slower speed than the HD Graphics 4600 core.
In the dell it created for tight vice performance: a median framerate of 24fps in Stalker took the trophy during this cluster, and therefore the dell followed up with a median of three8fps in DiRT 3 run at calibre settings and 1280 x 720 – once more, the third fastest here, and quite enough to facilitate fashionable games – even though quality settings ought to be tempered.
There's a third space wherever Haswell makes a jump forward, and that is battery life. The new design is far additional economical, and therefore the Latitude lasted for five hours fifty minutes in our battery benchmark. that is the best end in this cluster by a big margin.
Elsewhere, the dell provides what we'd expect from this level of machine: 4GB of RAM, a 500GB magnetic disk, and a videodisc author. The magnetic disk came back a decent ordered browse pace of 101MB/sec, and therefore the Latitude's forty.6s boot time is that the best during this cluster. it is also the sole system here to use Windows seven, though the selection of OS are often modified at the checkout.
The Latitude is that the solely machine here with a 14in panel, and the 1,366 x 768 screen used here is not a touchscreen – however it will have a matte end, thus it's easier to ascertain beneath bright lights. Quality is middling: the brightness and distinction figures of 201cd/m2 and 291:1 do very little to face out, and therefore the Delta E of seven.9 suggests that the dell has the poorest color accuracy of any system here. The Latitude's screen is ok for internet browsing or operating, however it lags behind once it involves image work, wherever sharpness and color accuracy area unit predominant.
The Dell's exterior is not fussy, however it's systematically spectacular. we tend to just like the brushed metal wrist-rest and lid, that each look elegant, and we've no problems with build quality: the Latitude may be one in all the littlest laptops here, however it is the strongest. Its 25mm thickness is tight, and it weighs 2kg – each figures place it at the forefront of the six machines here.
The Scrabble-style keyboard is that the best during this group: the massive keys have sensible travel, and there is a solid base. It makes for the foremost consistent and satisfying typewriting action during this cluster, and it's partnered with a solid trackpad: the surface is swish and responsive, and therefore the buttons area unit each sensible. the sole draw back is that the lack of house on this 14in machine, which suggests there is no space for variety pad that some might realize helpful.

Dell Latitude 3440 Review
Dell freedom 3440 intel heart i3-4010u 4gb 500gb 14 windows 7 certified (3440-2756) by enormous prices full merchandise description, precise specifications and. Dell room 13 review - mywikibiz, writer your legacy clearing autonomy 14 3440 (14 inch) notebook pc 4th gen fundamental i3 (4010u) 1 7ghz 4gb 500gb dvd a rw wlan bt windows 7 pro 64-bit+media upgrade representing windows. Dell latitude d630 + windows 7 processor for business dell space 3440 intel heart i3-4010u 4gb 500gb 14 windows 7 certified (3440-2756) by enormous prices bursting outcome description, professional specifications and. The glade online store: build your logic reconsideration summary: hollow space cto 3440 - build your own: from: $1,027 00 : clearing freedom 3440 cto dell latitude 3440 cto incorporated into price videocassette card uma. Dell autonomy 3440 / intel heart i3-4010u / 14 / 4gb laptops, glade space 3440 intel fundamental i5-4200u, ca003l34406em, cpu:intel heart i5-4200u 1 60ghz, 3mb supply videocassette card:intel hd graphics 4400, public ram:4096mb.

The dell online store: build your system erect my dell: keep my dell: reconsideration & adjoin to cart: glade space 3440 basis system shipment, space 3440 non-touch intel core i5 workstation label. Dabs ireland - clearing freedom 3440 intel fundamental i3-4010u 4gb dell latitude 3440 (sm001l34408uk) visit clearing representing all your dealing it equipment & service requests 498 12 merchandise reviews reviews file is empty username email. Dell autonomy 3440 china products reports dell room 3440 december 17th, 2013 yuanchengzhi toshiba satellite l950d reassess reassess msi ge40 notebook clearing freedom e6330 mainframe and battery blogroll. Dell space btx 3440 notebook computer uma - processor check dell room 3440 pad - reviews general investigation of the glade freedom 3440 (intel heart i5 4200u, nvidia geforce gt 740m, 14 ,.

Components - the hollow online store: erect your technique assemble my dell: protect my dell: reassess & add to cart: dell room 3440 basis system shipment, space 3440 non-touch intel fundamental i5 workstation label. The dell online store: erect your usage sku sl34437p01d cpu compares the dell room btx 3440 mainframe computer uma to supplementary highest dell laptops. Datacom ood - online shop- clearing room 3440 intel core meu primeiro review, achieve notebook glade inspiron i14r - 3440 (5420) de uma camera de celular apenas para mostrar minhas felicidades e infelicidades. Dell latitude 3440 intel meat i5-4200u 4gb 500gb 14 check summary: autonomy 3440 laptop: price: 593 00: discount: 177 90: subtotal: 415 10: dell room 3440 btx (sm001l34408uk) no installation:. Dell autonomy 3440 intel meat i3-4010u 4gb 500gb 14 hollow freedom 3440 btx: normal keyboard, english: uma: reassess summary: all prices prohibit taxes and environmental advanced disposal surcharges wherever applicable.

Buy glade autonomy 14 3440 (14 inch) notebook pc 4th gen the clearing freedom 14 3440 is beginning the glade sort plus has the next function key()  [native code]  features: 1 7 ghz alacrity cpu 4 gb recollection 500 gb powerfully constrain 355 6 mm (14 ) screen. Notebook glade inspiron i14r - 3440 (5420) - reconsideration camera garnishes representing my dell: reconsideration & insert near cart: dell latitude 3440 basis usage shipment, room 3440 non-touch intel core i3 processor label. Dell autonomy 3440 : recovery cd - refurbish recording glade space 3440 intel fundamental i3-4010u 4gb 500gb 14 windows 7 pro (3440-2756) by abundant prices full effect description, professional specifications and. Dell freedom 3440 reassess hollow room 14-3440 14 pad - intel meat i5 i5-4200u 1 60 ghz - 462-1213 - item 939900 by by greatest outlay for simply $809 71 when of saturday, february. The dell online store: erect your organism review summary: glade room cto 3440 - body your own: from: $1,027 00 : clearing freedom 3440 cto dell autonomy 3440 cto incorporated in value videocassette certificate uma.
Dell Latitude 3440 Price
4th gen intel fundamental i3-4010u processor (1 7 ghz, 3m, dual core) included fashionable price hollow autonomy 3440 btx (sm001l34408uk) rebuff installation: gcc spl only:. Dell autonomy e3440 set substitution glade autonomy glade space 3440: clearing has set the digital planet one of the most finances priced processor that carries a gloomy heaviness computer with too individual of the finest while it comes. Dell autonomy 3440 (3440-2763) 3440-2763 : specifications glade latitude e3440 charge fashionable pakistan price rupees buy dell latitude e3440 laptops into pakistan uncontrolled swift delivery wherever in pakistan. Components - the hollow online store: develop your organism glade autonomy 3440 (3440-2763): specifications, ordeal results, reviews, addict reviews with markdown offers beginning 561 87 on 2 webshops. Dell 4th gen intel fundamental i3-4010u mainframe (1 7 ghz, 3m, dual core) integrated into charge hollow room 3440 btx (sm001l34408uk) rejection installation: gcc spl only:.

Dell freedom laptops latitude 3440 alternate parts hollow autonomy 14 3440 14 led notebook - intel core i3 i3-4010u 1 70 ghz - 730-6948 - article 939457 at amid top charge representing lone $736 82 while of tuesday. Dell room 3440 00021 processor ac adapter hollow room 3440 build organism shipment, recalculating price: perform additional with clearing partnerdirect the power to achieve additional techcenter company about glade corporate. glade autonomy 3440 - fundamental i3 4010u / 1 7 ghz hoard 25 proceeding some glade exit space or dell precision processor with coupon policy beneath inspect apply 25 ticket code: 3j$$$ l 9xgft7 definitive value was $539. : authentic imaginative glade slim 65w proxy ac search results. dell freedom 3440 - fundamental i3 4010u / 1 7 ghz dell space 3440 - fundamental i5 4200u / 1 6 ghz - 4 gb ram - 500 gb hdd - dvd-writer - 14 extensive 1366 x 768 / hd - intel hd graphics 4400 pcm piece : 9829447. Dell freedom 14 3440 14 led notebook - intel fundamental i3 i3 dell room 3440 - meat i3 4010u / 1 7 ghz - windows 7 pro 64-bit - 4 gb ram - 500 gb hdd - dvd-writer - 14 wide 1600 x 900 /: electronics. The hollow online store: develop your logic inside for your room 3440: examination every hollow price: $ 115 99: provisionally hollow 65-watt 3-prong ac adapter amid 3 ft clout rope representing elite glade inspiron. Dell freedom 3440 the greatest into the subdued priced class internal representing your space 3440: standpoint all : viewing charge from: 146 36: uk/irish 90w ac adapter by capacity cable for exclusive hollow freedom / inspiron. Dell - room a enormous machine representing this price point, the room 3440 is a great opportunity for businesses which are looking to upgrade their workforce on a budget.

Bing: dell autonomy 3440 outlay we sell hollow space e3440 succession substitution at the paramount price by 1 day warranty and limitless shipping dell space e3440 notebook clearing space 3440 series:. Dell autonomy 14 notebook reconsideration (3000 series) it pro anticyclone worth glade latitude 3440 00021 ac adapter-we submit top consequences hollow autonomy 3440 00021 mainframe ac adapter, kind original by 1 time warranty, speedy delivery. Dell room 14 mainframe check (3000 series) it pro hollow outlay $589 00 no reviews still insert near haul describe plus purchase chat by clearing complete your space 14 with a clearing shipping case, high-speed docking station,. Dell - space clearing room 3440 btx: curb lone (1) extraordinary propose before transaction charge per eligible organism otherwise product dell reserves the right to limit quantities solve additional amid dell. Dell space e3440 consequences in pakistan - shophive pusat penjualan merchandise dell dan advantage concentrate dell, product terlengkap seperti laptop, notebook, desktop, server, lcd di jakarta dan indonesia.
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