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Nokia Asha 502 review
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Nokia, the Finnish smartphone and lozenge maker, has forever been measured a diversion changer fashionable the ever-evolving smartphone industry. As a rival to additional humanity leaders plus Samsung and Apple, the firm fell following representing a little excluding has now finished a enormous comeback with its procession of Lumia policy running the Windows Phone OS.

At last year's Nokia World event, the set introduced six pristine handsets. While the high-end phablets took the spotlight, Nokia also made dependable that it immobile caters to the needs of its funds customers. Introduced on the event, the Nokia Asha 502 budget smartphone is a shining illustration of how powerfully the unyielding is stagnant trying near acquire over the low-end smartphone marketplace via stuffing a bunch of impressive features  a small-sized device.
The Nokia Asha 502 is the successor to the Asha 501, plus has some noticeable physically with internal OS trait tweaks.

In hand, the Asha 502 feels both compact and strong. We originate its body and largely propose very appealing, plus the phone itself is comfortable near clutch around.

After expenditure a decent total of time amid the Asha 502, difficult its set life, camera, Internet connectivity, betting capabilities with  more, here is what we reflect about this funds handset.
Build characteristic and design
The Nokia Asha 502 is tremendously comfortable near hold, because its clever corners give the customer a top grip plus lower the chances of it slipping with falling. The minute logo measures 99.6 x 59.5 x 11.1mm and is thriving suitable for users who boast ordinary or minor hands. One its most distinctive features is the forced monoblock body. The whole rearward panel and all four ends of Asha 502 are sheathed into a transparent material, generous the handset a crystallized effect.
Dedicated unbreakable keys are customarily establish by the sides of a handset, and Nokia offers exactly what a addict needs. Both the lock function key()  [native code]  with the two dimensions keys are narrowly sited on the decent side of the handset, excluding are not so close  a addict can accidently prosecute the wicked button.

The buttons are relaxed near locate unchanging fashionable low-light situations while they are slightly elevated commencing the stiff surface. There is no enthusiastic camera button, except the attribute container be accessed by a record swipe by the touchscreen.
The Nokia Asha 502 has a tiny microphone on the bottom-right corner along amid a Micro-USB connector and a 3.5mm headset port sited on the gone and acceptably of the acme panel respectively. Nokia has known the gone advantage of the handset a spotless look. The rear panel has a camera centred on the top, amid a tiny except robust LED flash to its right. Just beneath the camera, a heavy Nokia logo is printed  the transparent sheath. There's a lanky amp proceeding the bottom, leaving the respite of the rear panel blank.
The border panel houses a small 3-inch hide plus a amp grille, with Nokia's logo between them. Below the hide is a single capacitive upset knob representing free backside near the prior partition otherwise last apps.

On removing the Asha 502's rearward panel, individual canister see the removable set taking positive mainly of the space, amid slots for the earliest SIM just above it. The slots for the following SIM plus microSD certificate are proceeding moreover side.

The Nokia Asha 502's 3-inch protect is slighter than individuals of supplementary policy in the same outlay segment. Users impending starting phones by 4-5-inch screens force  able near catch old to it, nevertheless proviso you approximating the touch of phablet campaign  are now popular, you'll find the minute partition cumbersome to operate.

The Nokia Asha 502's multi-touch screen skin a QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) resolution. The screen can show only 256,000 colours when opposite to the satiated sort of 1.6 million colours that is the natural standard. When set near bursting brightness, the partition is easily discernible beneath open sunlight.

The Nokia Asha 502 runs on the hottest Asha OS, kind 1.1, which is an renovate near the software used by the Asha 501. The OS uses undemanding punch gestures representing mainly actions, plus the back button is mainly old near secure apps plus return near the major menu screen.
The Asha 502, like additional Asha models, comes with a feature called Fastlane, which helps users admission apps quickly, lacking sharp through the main apps page. The Fastlane period shows the apps which boast been used mainly recently. One bottle navigate near the Fastlane standpoint via unlocking the contraption plus simply swiping towards the decent from the main apps page.

As seen proceeding Nokia's higher-end handsets organization Windows Phone 8 OS, the Nokia Asha 502 and allows users near vary the positions of icons otherwise remove total apps via simply long-pressing on several icon.

The settings app gives you close admittance near the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flight Mode, with Dual-SIM settings, between others. The Personalisation division lets you elite ringtones plus shuddering settings along amid the wallpaper, lock hide representation plus Fastlane settings. Since the Asha 502 is a funds handset, users willpower hold near put awake with inadequate customisation options representing belongings comparable the Fastlane settings, with limited experience apps.

The handset struggles to pack heavy websites in its browser, except it canister trickle optimised Java sport such when Assassin's Creed 3 and Asphalt 6: Heat. The graphics are not impressive, and users who think unchanging ordinary attribute graphics willpower be disappointed.

The Asha 502 includes individual of the mainly beneficial skin  Nokia just additional near its Lumia phones, the Glance screen. Glance shows the time with notifications proceeding the hide unchanging following the handset has gone into uphold mode.

Nokia's Xpress browser opens most websites suddenly because data goes  Nokia's server somewhere it is compressed formerly being delivered. However, it fails once it comes to operation leaden Java-enabled websites. Up near six tabs can  unbolt at one time. Some of the fashionable apps which extend preloaded proceeding the device are Facebook, Twitter, Line, Wechat and WhatsApp. We and tried surveillance some Youtube videos proceeding the handset, which twisted outdated healthier than we expected. Camera
Even still it's a finances device, the Asha 502 has a 5-megapixel fixed-focus rear camera by a f/2.4 space and an LED exhibit amid a range of single metre. There's no front-facing camera with vastly few camera software features.

The camera border of Asha 502 is pretty painless near operate. The camera app canister be directly accessed starting the fasten partition via swiping upwards. Once open, you container long-press proceeding the screen near admission the camera settings which contain flash adjustment options, self-timer, white balance, filters, camera shutter signal plus a abundance of five resolutions. The Asha 502's camera is immediately concerning ordinary when it comes to image characteristic plus clarity notwithstanding its 5-megapixel resolution. Images captured in dazzling sunny situation glare good, nevertheless comparable most such handsets, the Asha 502 fails into low-light situations. You can't spot  particularize on the device's minor screen, except metaphors shot into low-light are grainy plus unclear.

Features with performance
In application approximately stuttering was noticeable while swiping connecting screens, with near was a little seconds' lag while closing applications. However, near long-pressing the rearward button, we were bright near eradicate apps faster. Nokia says you canister double-tap the hide near wake the receiver starting sleep, nevertheless 6-10 were customarily mandatory before the trait worked.

The receiver has same diminutive inner memory, amid only a few MB limitless representing users. However, the handset comes bundled amid a 4GB microSD card, and you canister manipulate cards up near 32GB fashionable size. We and celebrated that it took a considerable total of epoch for the handset to present the stuffing of the memory card, which we suspect is due to the short total of RAM
One of the skin Nokia has been known representing into India is organize quality. The Asha 502 was clothed enough, and it did not spend group connectivity unchanging fashionable basements. Similarly, nation by the further stop of our calls too reported function clear()  [native code]  quality.

The 1010mAh sequence was vastly impressive, when the phone ended it  two consecutive years of convention with a record charge.

The FM  proceeding Nokia Asha 502 is median and the headphones wants to  plugged fashionable for the use near work.

The Nokia Asha 502 is undoubtedly a fingerprint magnet. After a diminutive time, the hide while anyway when the crystalline swathe willpower accumulate smudges, plus you'll hold to wipe the phone constantly to make it look good.

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